Factory Reset When Box Won't Start

This video shows how to Factory Reset an ARNU Box. Although the instructions are for ARNU Branded boxes it can be used as a method for Factory Resetting any Box.
Typically used if your box will not start up correctly.

Firmware Update

This video shows you how to Update your Arnu Box to the latest firmware. If it states there's no available update then you're on the latest available firmware.

Scan for Local Media

How to Scan for your local content.

Factory Reset

This method of reset can be done using the System Settings Addon on your box. Just follow the instructions on the video guide.

How To Use Cloudword

Cloudword is a fantastic feature that makes installing new addons extremely easy. Cloudword isn't available on any other boxes as it's exclusive to us. There's a list of our cloudwords on this website so try one of them after you've watched this video.

Factory Reset When Box Won't Boot Up

This method of Reset is for when your box will not start up or is stuck on the loading screen.

Remote Control Coloured Buttons

The coloured buttons on your Arnu remote control all have a separate functionality. This video explains all.

Scan for Network Media

How to scan for your network stored media.

How to Setup Open VPN

How to setup OpenVPN.

OpenVPN with VPNicity

How to setup OpenVPN with VPNicity.