Keeping Internet Speed High

Rebooting your Modem will nearly always increase your internet speeds. Some modems get slower and slower and a reboot will fix this but most people never reboot their modem.

If you have a timer plug laying around use it on your modem and have it powered on all day every day except at 3am set the timer to power off and set it to power back on 5 minutes later.

This will mean that your modem will automatically be rebooted every night while you're in bed and your speed will stay at its highest without you ever having to address it.

Make Your Picture Clearer

When we despatch a box it is set up for a 720P HD tv.
Lots of tv's are capable of higher resolutions than 720P. You may have a 1080P HD tv or even a 4K tv.
if you feel the pictire could be better, then simply go to: 
Syetem/Settings/System/Video Output and in here you can click on the resolution and change it to the maximum that your tv will allow it to be set at.
 This should make your picture the best quality that your tv can offer. 

Skip Forward/Back

While watching a movie or Tv show (not live Tv)


You can skip forward and back using the directional buttons. 


Multiple press of one of the arrows will jump more than a single press. 


For advanced use you can decide how much each press will jump by adjusting the setting at Settings/Video/Playback but the standard settings are perfect in my opinion. 


You can also use the number buttons on the remote control. For example pressing 2344 and then pressing OK will jump to 23mins 44 secs


If this doesn't work for you it's due to the link you're using not supporting it but most links do support it. 

Correcting The Time

Mostly for new members but if the time is wrong on the box display then you can change it by going to 


System/Settings/Appearance/International and change the city to a city that corrects the time for you.


If the time is still wrong but will be due to the clock in your modem being incorrect so you can either change the time on your modem if you know how or just use a different location which makes the time correct. The box will still function normally.  

Keep It Cool People 😎

I'm not the worlds biggest fan of the heat but your box absolutely hates the heat.  


Your box sucks in cool air through the vents on its underside. 

If you sit your box on top of another electrical device then instead of sucking in cool air it's sucking in super hot, damaging air. 


To avoid burn out and random shut downs place your box on its own independent spot on a shelf. 


It will serve you better in the long run. 

Keyboard Shortcuts



Keyboard Shortcuts. 

If you have a Keyboard style remote then nearly every key on the remote has a function. 


Here's a link to what each button does broken down by during navigation and during playback. d_controls


Did you know that if you want to watch something in exodus rather than click the movie you can press menu and select Auto-Play which will search and try the first link and continue attempting links till one plays. 

Use your TV Remote

You can control your Arnu Mach 8, 10 or 10 64Bit with your TV remote control as long as.........


1) You're on the latest Arnu firmware. 

2) your TV support CEC


Here's how to check. 


Go to Programs/System Settings/System and put a tick beside 'Enable CEC'. 

Help Videos

Did you know that there is a section on your box where you can view our video guides. 


The most common questions are answered


We will continue to add videos to this section so check back regularly and help by referring people to this section on their box. 


You literally just sit back and watch on your tv. 

Coloured Remote Buttons

The Coloured Buttons on the Arnu Remote all do their own thing. 


Press Red for access to Arnu Help Videoa


Press Green to open the Wifi Network Settings


Press Yellow to Open Arnu System Settings


Press Blue to Quickly open Cloudword.